Rock Rugged Takes The Road: Part 4

Before you read any further, if you haven’t read the other posts in this series, do so now! Part One Part Two Part Three Our last day in Banff National Park was bittersweet. In only the two days we had already spent there, I had lost my heart to this beautiful place. I knew we […]

Rock Rugged Takes The Road: Part 3

Before you read any further, did you miss the previous two road trip posts? If so, read up! Part One Part Two Onward we traveled, further across the Canadian landscape until we made it to Alberta at last. The smoke in the air made it hard to see the mountains surrounding us, and I was […]

Rock Rugged Takes The Road: Part 1

Well, it’s about time I finally blogged this. In August of last year (seeing as it’s only the 4th of January, it’s weird to be saying ‘last year’) I went on a roadtrip across 6 US states and Canada. I was invited along with a small startup adventure brand called Rock Rugged, to serve as […]

A Workshop Tour of Europe: Berlin

Berlin was the last stop on mine and Joel’s workshop tour. I didn’t want to think about having to separate at the end of our time there, but it was coming up quick. We took a bus from Amsterdam to Berlin, which took about 10 hours and reminded us what it really means to be […]

A Workshop Tour of Europe: Amsterdam

Amsterdam was everything I hoped it would be. As soon as Joel suggested we go to Amsterdam between our Stockholm and Berlin workshops, my mind was made up. It was Holland or bust from that point on. We arrived late in the afternoon, exhausted from traveling and stressed about the last workshop still ahead of […]

A Workshop Tour of Europe: Sweden

Sweden is a country that I honestly did not know what to expect from. I hadn’t ever studied Sweden much growing up, and about the only thing I knew about it was that my favorite candy apparently came from there (Swedish Fish, amiright?) and that I dated a Swede once. Other than that, nada. Joel […]

A Workshop Tour of Europe: England

It’s only taken me two and a half months to get this blog post written, and I think I’ve been unintentionally putting it off because this trip has been really difficult for me to put into words. That’s not a bad thing of course. It was one of the most amazing and challenging and rewarding […]