Rock Rugged Takes The Road: Part 3

Before you read any further, did you miss the previous two road trip posts? If so, read up!

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Onward we traveled, further across the Canadian landscape until we made it to Alberta at last. The smoke in the air made it hard to see the mountains surrounding us, and I was praying it would clear up by the time we made it into Banff. No such luck. As we ventured further into the national park, it was apparent that the smoke was going to continue to plague the atmosphere. No matter. That just meant my photos were going to be a little moodier than normal, which was just fine by me. Now if only I could breathe better through the smokiness…

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We wanted to catch Lake Louise before sunset, and we arrived at the famed landmark just as twilight began to settle around us. I hadn’t seen water this blue since I was in Iceland a few years back…it’s amazing how the earth can make colors like that. We took pictures around the water’s edge and explored the dock before heading to our campsite for the evening.


IMG_9683Edit(I had to have a laugh at “Fail” written on the the binocular thing. I am a child.)IMG_9689EditIMG_9698EditIMG_9700Edit

The next morning we were up bright and early. We didn’t have a very planned out day, but we knew a few things we wanted to see in the park. First stop was at a beautiful waterfall called Takakkaw Falls, a place we weren’t sure what to expect from, but completely blew us away. The waterfall was gigantic and beautiful, and the surrounding landscape was so breathtaking.


We continued on through the park, stopping here and there to take in the views and take pictures. The mountains were so majestic and enormous, I felt like I had to keep reminding myself to breathe when I looked around me.


Eventually we made our way to Lake Moraine, where we spent several hours enjoying the views, people-watching, and climbing around on rocks like excited kids. The beauty of this lake completely exceeded my expectations, even though the mountains still remained bashfully hiding behind a smoky veil. The water was so blue and clear, and all I wanted to do was go swimming in it.


We decided to split up into two groups, Jake and Delaina in one group and Gentri and I in another. J + D were going to hike to some beautiful surrounding mountains and valleys, and G + I wanted something a little less strenuous. Of course, we ended up picking a trail that a bear had been spotted on that day… We were sure to talk at a louder volume as we ventured into the woods alone together, hoping that if there were a bear nearby we would keep it at bay.

We made it through the mossy green forest remarkably unscathed, and we ambled along a path which brought us to a lake surrounded by rocky cliffs. There were only a few other people around, so it was tranquil and silent–just what we needed after a long past few days. We talked about life, religion and relationships, munching on goldfish and laughing at the fearless little chipmunks that climbed all over us.


We took some photos, and then continued back on the trail to Lake Moraine to meet up with our friends.


We had one more day left to spend in Banff National Park, and then we would be heading back home. I was already getting sad that our road trip was nearing its end, but I made a promise to myself that I would take advantage of every remaining moment along the journey.

I have one more post up my sleeve for this Rock Rugged road trip, so stay tuned! I’ll do my best to get it online faster than the other posts 😉


4 thoughts on “Rock Rugged Takes The Road: Part 3

  1. Do you write down these entries as they happen or after or as you’re typing them? So much detail and the photos = 😍😍

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