An Introduction: Europe 2012

My second trip to Europe; May 2012

It’s been two years, but I still miss it like it was yesterday.

London, England


I miss the unstable shaking of a train

On an underground track

Holding on too tight to the safety bar

And watching strangers come and go


Munich, Germany


Salzburg & Vienna, Austria


I miss the cool, heavy air of a cathedral

The light that pours through stained glass

Onto hard stone floors in the nave

I miss the contrast between the outside world

And the cool chill on my skin when I walked inside


Velden, Austria


I miss tumultuous night skies

Bright with flashes of light and heavy with rain

And walking down the road that night

Between a party of my dearest friends

I miss finishing off the night with gelato

And talking about the future in dim hallways


Venice, Italy


I miss the lyrical sound of Italian accents

And speaking with the locals in old bookshops

I miss the scent of pizza in the air

And the sound of a distant chapel tolling the hour

I miss the Arno, and the Seine, and the Thames


Florence, Italy


I even miss the dirty mattresses

The tiny rooms and the air-dried clothing

I miss climbing endless stairs to the top of the world

I miss aching feet and an empty stomach

Because it reminded me I’d been

Too excited that day to stop


Tuscan & French Countryside


Rome, Italy


Loire Valley, France


Paris, France


Sometimes I even miss the feeling of being lost

When I went to the fountain to meet my friends

And they didn’t come, as the sky grew dark

I miss darting my eyes at the throngs of tourists

And wondering if I could find my way back alone


Most of all, I miss staring out windows

As we rode through an unfamiliar countryside

And the feeling of knowing I would miss it all soon

That bitter-sweet kind of feeling, of taking in the moment

And knowing I would have to learn to let it go


It’s been two years, but I still miss it like it was yesterday.

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